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Taking Charge: Good Medical Care for the Elderly and How to Get It  is an important resource to help baby boomers and family caregivers identify six common, potentially fatal medical complications, to alert doctors and nurses so that early intervention, diagnosis and treatment occurs, and to work with doctors and nurses to devise prevention strategies.

Taking Charge empowers caregivers to have confidence in their ability to help doctors and nurses  detect complications (changes in status) and to advocate effectively with medical caregivers.



With newfound confidence in their observations, caregivers will be better able to recognize problems early—such as potentially deadly medication errors—and to avert serious consequences.

Some of the book's major messages are:

• Family caregivers do not need medical training to be effective members of the caregiving team.

• Most medical caregivers have little or no training in geriatrics, making misdiagnosis a serious danger.

• The elderly are most at risk to suffer medication errors, adverse drug reactions, delirium, dehydration, malnutrition, and to fall because of age-related problems.

• Family caregivers are able to detect subtle changes in the status of their loved ones and should advocate for an accurate diagnosis and proper treatment.

• Family caregivers are in a good position to work with medical caregivers to prevent complications.

• Family caregivers can protect their loved ones and themselves by utilizing clearly written, legal documents that will make their decisions about end-of-life care enforceable.

"This book enables me to give confidence to the elderly and to their caregivers," said Hannah. "I want them to know that you don't need a medical degree to be effective. The caregiver spends more time with their loved one than anyone."

Powerpoint slideshow: Taking Charge

2007 Joint Conference of Association on Aging | National Council on Aging. Chicago, Illinois, March 7-10, 2007

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